10 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Baby

baby in zoo

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Babies are purely innocent, and at the stage of growing. Giving them a good mood is one of the most accomplishing things that you can achieve as a parent, and that’s why being fun is what you also need to be when taking care of one. It’s proven since then that giving babies more fun activities is a good way to make them grow with a positive mindset, and it also helps them learn too.

There are lots of fun activities that you can do with your beloved child while they are still babies. Surely, your baby will have a good chuckle and not just a good mood once you try these top 10 activities:

Visit Zoos

Zoos and other places where animals can be widely seen are the best places for kids. These are child-friendly thanks to the staff who take care of the animals, as well as the facilities that are well-secured. It also gives them ideas about nature, how other life forms exist, and for them to feel amused by it.

Take them to Picnic

Eating is one of the most comfortable things that people can do, and your babies love to eat as well. The local park near your home is the best place to prepare some meals and a blanket for an outdoor experience. It also makes them aware about the environment.

Play with Pets

Pets are part of the family; they must be familiar with the animals living in their place. Just watch over the two as they play around for you to feel safe about your baby. If they are too little to play with them, just let them touch and talk to your pet. If you don’t have a pet, take them to a pet store tour instead.

Note: a good pet owner is a good parent, too – this is for your safety as a pet owner and a parent!


If you own a farm, you can take your baby there once they become toddlers. Letting them watch grow and harvest some crops, fruits and berries can be a good way for them to pique their interests about the right food, and when they grow, they will become more familiar about valuing nature, too.


Kids are known to run around the puddles if they spot one, and they mostly never miss an opportunity to get wet all of sudden. Splashing on the wading pool or by the seashore can be a very fun moment for them – as simple as that!

Tell Stories

Storytelling is a good activity for the kids as it boosts their imagination. A simple visit in the library with baby is a good activity as it also helps them focus on the things that they study in the future. Storytelling also makes them familiar with books – an important item for gaining knowledge.


Whether you want them to listen to nursery rhymes, or your favorite genre, it doesn’t matter as long as your child feels entertained. Give them a piece of music that they might prefer, and note the fact that some babies might not prefer nursery rhymes after all which is why you need to experiment on this.

Visit the Mall/Playground

Since we are in the modern era, might as well access its easy-to-get benefits, and that’s why malls are the best places to go. It can help them become more exposed to the outside world. There are also playgrounds in malls and parks, and these also provide the same effect, and helps them socialize with other kids once they grow up a bit.

 Take a Bath with Them

Relaxing in the tub or letting them play around in the shower is a very nice thing to experience for your baby, and with you to guide them in the bathroom. It helps them learn more about the bathroom, how bathing is important, and how to watch out when it’s slippery. Add some bathroom toys for more fun, too!

Attend Classes

There are some yoga classes for babies and their parents, and some music classes can benefits kids lately. Surely there are some toddler programs in schools near your area as well. Note that this is not just for your baby, but for you to learn something new.

dog and baby

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These are just basic things that are easy, safe, and fun for the baby, and there’s more to the list! It also helps you feel relieved as you see the baby smile or chuckle while doing these top 10 things to give your baby a good mood.

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