6 Classes You and Your Baby Should Go To

It is overwhelming having a baby around the house, breastfeeding, diaper-changing chores, burping, napping, bathing and a lot more! They are all very exciting yet very exhausting endless parenting duty at home. Once in a while, you and your baby needs a day off or two. Try to go outside, walk in the park, do the grocery, and fetch your school kids or anything refreshing activities outside the house. Perhaps, having a regular class can be a big help for both of you and your baby and even to your husband too!

Baby swimming in the pool

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Here are 6 classes you and your baby should go to:

1. Swimming Class

Who said that babies can’t swim? They have been in a mother’s womb for 9 months and because of this, they have a special reflex called bradycardic response. When babies are immersed into the water, they will be able to act like they are swimming, like a real professional swimmer. Because of the bradycardic response, babies have the capability to open their eyes when they are under water as well as holding their breath. So, don’t worry, swimming class will be a great start for them to engage in studying.

2. Yoga Class

Do you know that as young as 6 weeks old, your baby can do yoga classes? Yes, and it is a great bonding moment for you and your baby. Yoga can help you and your baby for motor skills and coordination, but it should be done with the safety measure as we all know that babies’ are delicate. So, seek for yoga professionals that handled Mom/Dad and Baby yoga classes. It is also good to take yoga selfies as you and your baby posed.

3. Music Class

Humming is one of the easiest way to express music and our little ones can do a lot, even when they are just in our tummy. Engaging in music class can be very relaxing, you don’t have to be a professional singer- just enjoy each class you attend to. You and your baby can also do some basic classes for musical instruments such as piano, organ and drums.

4. Massage Class

Massage or touch therapy takes a big help in calming a tired, exhausted and ill baby. While enjoying this class, you can also know the benefits of massaging your baby daily not only to his/her but also to you. You have to do it properly to promote a healthier baby and the Certified Educator of Infant Massage can be a big support for this.

Mommies massaging babies

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5. Dance Class

Babies can also dance! You don’t have to wait for them to be able to walk, like wait for at least 9 months! Dancing does not really means getting their feet on the ground, babies can dance when they are laying down their back or stomach. Dance class is a great means to promote motor skills and reflexes, not only for your baby, but also to you and the whole family can engage in an enjoyable dance class.

6. Language Class

Babies can talk as early as they are born, the problem is- we don’t understand them fully. There is a big language barrier that cause this, baby talk versus adult talk. Language classes can help you interact with your baby, you can study sign languages and body languages. It is very important that you stay focused and do not get easily distracted if you don’t get what they really meant. Don’t be disappointed in you, your baby might feel this and might show lack of interest in studying. Encourage your baby by reinforcing positive words and praises.

These classes are compatible for both you and your baby, they are easily learned and not time-consuming. They are also not expensive and you can visit any class within their schedule. All classes are beneficial to the both of you. Just remember to take one class at a time, you don’t want to exhaust your baby with too much studying and too many new things. And, you as a parent should also participate in these classes and make a fun bonding moment with your little one!

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