Baby Steps in Learning How to Speak

Hearing your little one talk is one of the best experience that one would never trade for in the world. Teaching babies to speak is a long process. It takes a lot of effort and patients for them to learn simple words. Hearing them say “Mama” or “Dada” for the first time makes you feel fulfilled and proud at the same time.

For first time parents, there are so many ways to teach your little babies to speak one or two words. Always remember that they don’t always get the words right away. There are words that are bound to be mispronounced. But remember, teaching your baby to talk is one of the most unforgettable memory in parenthood. Here are some of the the tips on how to teach your baby how to speak.

Sing A Song

Based from different experiences, parents often times sing to their babies while they put them to sleep. Singing songs can help a baby’s speaking ability because of the melody. It is easier for them to remember words when you sing them. Babies are very good listeners. Listening to Nursery Rhymes and letting them sing along the song helps a lot in building their vocabulary. Based on someone’s experience “My nephew learned to say “Goodnight to you” after watching and listening to that nursery rhyme. Now, He says “goodnight to you” every time we go to bed” .

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Show and Tell

In this, you are going to introduce an object by showing the object and at the same time saying the name of the object. In that way,the object will register to the baby’s mind. It will be easier for him to remember the name of the object specially if he knows the physical aspect of the object. Constant repetition of this activity can help your baby remember the words.


You are going tolet him repeat the words that you were saying. For some, they often teach their kids to say ” Thank You” or “Hello” or maybe “Hi” thru parroting. It is also very important that you watch the words that you are sayings in front of the child, specially when he already knows how to parrot.

Babbles,Gurgles and Words

Letting your child babble about everything helps developed your child’s conversational skills. Letting him tell you what he wants,thinks and feels allows you to bond with your child at the same time correct his words when he is speaking. It also boost his confidence in talking. Three month old babies often gurgle and coo when they hear you talking them. That is how they respond to you when you talk. As they grow older, they can already say words and by and by create very short sentences.


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Quiz bee

Asking him questions about things that he knows allows you to see what are the words that he learned from you. You can ask him like ” Baby, where is your nose?” , “What is this?” or ” Baby, do you want milk” . Questions should be answerable by yes or no. Or question that can be answered by one word or questions where he can just show or point his answers. During this kinds of question, you are able to see how his vocabulary skills are.

Bedtime Stories

Children loves to listen. They often find sounds very interesting. Some parents often read their kids some stories to bed. They usually make it more enthusiastic, reading the story with feelings and actions. This also encourages your babies to read books in the future. “My son loves picture books, often times, he can make out the sound of the animals in the book.” a father once said.

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Baby Talk is A No

Some mothers of more than 2, often advice to new mothers not to use baby talk when their talking to their babies. According to them, baby talk is not good for your babies. It will be harder for babies to learn how to talk. Babies often parrots what ever an adult would say to them. It is best that you talk normally to your baby instead of using baby talk when you talk to them.

Babies are smart and very perceptive. They are curious and always willing to learn a lot of things.As adults, it is our responsibility to prepare them to the future. Always remember, it is us who molds babies to become a better person for the next generation.

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