Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions

Breastfeeding is really a difficult thing to do especially since there are some painful side effects that mothers may experience after their babies finish latching. However, as a mother, you will be willing to go through all that just to provide your baby with nutrients that he needs so he can grow into a healthy and strong child. So, if you are adamant at breastfeeding your baby until he reaches 2 years old, here are some tips and hacks that will help you have an easier time.



Sore Nipples

Do you feel a sharp or sore pain in your nipple? It’s pretty normal to have that feeling especially if you are a first time mother. However, there are some things that can be done in order to lessen the pain in the nipples. First of all, you have to check your positioning. Your nipple could be painful because your baby might be sucking on the wrong part. It is best that you let your baby suck on the area below the nipple and not above. Another reason why your nipples may be sore is because they are cracked which means that they are very dry. This could be due to defects in your breast pumps or dry weather. If you want to treat cracked nipples, the best way is to put a little bit milk on it. Believe it or not, the breast milk can actually moisten your nipple and even heal it if it is bleeding.

Low Supply of Milk

Although breastfeeding is a supply and demand thing, there will be times that your breasts will have a low supply of milk even when the demand for it is high. One way to increase the supply of milk would be to pump regularly. Of course, you must get yourself a high quality breast pump otherwise your nipples might crack. You have to do some homework on the best breast pumps in the market so you know which ones are good. Also, there are certain foods that can actually increase breast milk supply. If you eat these foods, your milk supply is sure to go up.

Clogged Milk Ducts

When we say clogged milk ducts, we mean that the milk is there but it won’t come out. This is actually a very common problem that a lot of mothers would have. Symptoms of clogged milk ducts would be soreness and lumps in the breast. The main culprit for this kind of problem would usually be stress. If you are stressed and not well rested, you’ll probably have problems getting the milk to flow properly. If you are too tired, get your partner to take over caring for the baby first while you have a nap. You can also massage your breasts to unclog the ducts.



Inverted Nipples

When you breastfeed, there will probably be times when your nipples will retract. This isn’t really something serious but it will make feeding more difficult as your baby won’t be able to find the nipple. So, how do you deal with this problem? The fastest way would be to use your pump before you breastfeed. The pump will automatically pull the nipple out so the baby won’t have a problem finding it.

Bad Mastitis

Mastitis is an infection that affects your breasts and causes pain. Although it is very common among mothers right after birth, it can lead to something worse if not attended to right away. Since it is a bacterial infection, then you can cure it using an antibiotic. If you have mastitis, I would suggest that you don’t let your baby latch until it is gone. Just pump the milk and put it in a bottle so your baby can still have breast milk.

It is normal for breastfeeding mothers to be uncomfortable at this stage. However, there are ways on how to make things easier and more comfortable. If you happen to experience any of the problems mentioned above, take a look at the solutions so you know how to solve them.

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