Guide to Keeping Your Own Sleeping Time

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When a baby comes into the household, big changes begin to take place in the old lifestyle of parents. No longer solely responsible for their individual lives, they have to be able to take care of another human being that is helpless without the parents. One of the most significant  changes is usually visible with mothers. When a baby arrives, sleep says goodbye. Mothers have to devote their time in caring, feeding, and watching over their offspring.

One of the key problems all mothers have is fatigue and insomnia, affecting their day-to-day activities that they would have completed normally before becoming a mom. This entry will help moms address this problem, helping them get back their much-needed energy, and keep their sanity.

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1.) Sleep when baby does.

Whenever you rock your baby and put him in his crib for a nap time, make sure you take one too. Don’t try to be a supermom by taking that extra few hours to catch up on housework because you’ll be needing as much shut-eye as you can get, at least while your baby is still young.

If you are worried that something will happen to your child while you are asleep, you can always ask your spouse, family, or even friends, to watch over your baby for you. Caring for a baby doesn’t have to be an individual project, especially if your sleepyhead can’t function at its optimum level.

2.) Find and set a cycle.

For a couple of days, try to analyze your child’s daily patterns, checking feeding time, sleeping time, and playtime carefully. Once you’ve got a general pattern set, work around that schedule, and plan things ahead. This is to make sure that you stick to that cycle and to get your baby used to it too.

The importance of having a cycle is that it gives you more control over what you are doing, helping you get longer periods of rest while still being an attentive mommy. Setting a sleep cycle for your baby will probably be the most important thing for you to do. The longer and smoother your baby’s sleep cycles are, the more time you will have sleep for yourself.

Also, keeping a stable feeding cycle will help you prepare bottles beforehand, or if you are a breast-feeder, you’ll know when to get up and feed the baby. A stabilized feeding cycle will eliminate unnecessary wasting of energy by having to get up to hold your crying child whilst preparing his formula, all in a flurry of activity.

3.) Help, help, help!

As slightly mentioned above, you don’t have to do all the work by yourself. Taking care of your baby is not an easy task, and no one is perfect the first time around. As long as you can ask for help from the people around you especially your spouse, then you can take turns in babysitting. If you want to have some more time to sleep at night especially when your child wakes up every one or two hours or the baby needs diaper change, ask your spouse for help. He can go feed the baby for you on some nights, alternating sleeping shifts to give you some rest. As life-partners, mutual effort in a lifetime milestone like this will strengthen you and your spouse’s relationship. Involvement of both parents in child-rearing is crucial for the infant’s development, so having a husband who helps you out will be extremely helpful in more than one sense.

4.) Wise choices.

Every single moment you see, grab it and use it wisely. Bonding with your baby is a wonderful experience you can build through constant care and feeding, but if it becomes a hindrance to your daily life, you have to make wise choices. Sure, you’d like to spend every waking moment of your baby together, but sometimes you just have to understand that life does not work that way. To be a level-headed parent, one who isn’t sleep-deprived, you have to take care of yourself. Sleep deprivation can lead to health deterioration, not letting you be in your optimum self while spending time with your baby. So, you have to make sure to fill up that sleep bar of yours, and accept you aren’t supermom. Enjoy the happy, healthy moments with your growing baby.

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