How Many hours Should You Run in a Day

Running is quite a popular physical activity among those who seriously want to get really fit and achieve their fitness goals. There are several known health benefits that running can give. From young to adult, everyone seems to enjoy it. But there are also things that you have to be knowledgeable about especially since running can be a strenuous and physically demanding activity. For instance, you need to know how many often should you run. Should you run everyday or thrice a week? How about the number of hours that you will allot in a day?

How Many hours Should You Run in a Day

Benefits of Running

There is no doubt that running can give you a multitude of health benefits. Whether it is in the form of making your body physically fit or improving your over-all health, running is one activity that everyone must include in their workout routine. It reduces your risk of acquiring certain diseases and illnesses. When you run, it gives you adrenaline rush and a high which makes you feel good about yourself. In fact, it is proven to be effective in curing depression and in relieving stress level. By running, you can have a healthier and definitely a much happier life. But before you can finally enjoy these benefits, you need to be consistent with your workout.

Importance of Frequency

Whether you are in a formal training or you are just having your regular physical workout, frequency is one of the fundamental components in any training. The other two components include the duration and the intensity. So, how often should you run? There are research studies showing that you should run at least a few times in a week for you to get the benefits. Those who have been running 14 times a week would attest for the great benefits of this activity.

But in reality, it actually depends on a wide range of factors. Although it is true that elite runners would often run 14 times per week, frequency will depend on different factors like your running experience, schedule, goals and lifestyle. You just need to find the most suitable for your needs and your daily schedule.

Minimum of At Least 3 Times a Week

Just like any exercise activity, you need to be consistent with running if you want to get the benefits. At bare minimum, you should definitely run at least 3 times a week. This does not necessarily mean that you have to run everyday. But if you really want to make progress, you need to keep in mind of the fact that in order to get the benefits. You should run three times a week. Depending on your preference, you can combine it with other activities like lifting weights, yoga and other sports.

So, what is the reason why you should only run 3 times a week is that to ensure that you minimize the risk of having injury. Running too often can seriously result to injuries. That is why you need to at least be aware of the risks first.

Preparing Your Schedule

Preparing Your Schedule

Now that you have finally decided to give it a try, the next step is to consistently motivate yourself and to prepare a schedule. Since the minimum is three times a week, you can find any day of the week where you want to run. This will depend on your schedule and other preferences.

Here are some tips that you can use to make the activity much more fun:

  • Run in the morning: There are studies showing that when you run in the morning, it is much more effective and it can give you energy all throughout the day.
  • Change location: To make your running more enjoyable, you can go to other places where you can run. You can either go in other parks or find a nice place where you can enjoy the views and at the same do your workout.
  • Invite your friends: A lot of people find it difficult to be consistent. If you are running alone sometimes it can be quite boring. To add fun, you can invite your friends who might also be interested in running. This gives you more motivation to do the activity.

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