How to Celebrate Christmas with your Kid

christmas with family

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Christmas Day is the birthday of Jesus Christ – our Savior. He was with his family at the moment he was born, celebrating with them. As parents, we need to make sure that our children will enjoy Christmas with the whole family. There are lots of ways for you to celebrate Christmas Day with your kid, and in a way where both of you will have fun and gain spiritual abundance. These activities are great for helping your child learn the importance of faith and love that builds a family that stays together.

Surely your kid will remember that Christmas is one of the best days that they will enjoy because they spend it with you, and they can even bring this trait as they become adults. 


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Worshiping usually involves lighting candles consisting of four purple colors and a white candle in a green wreath. The wreath can be decorated with ribbons to provide more appeal to it. Light the candles each week, and the white one as the last during Christmas Eve. Teach them how to properly pray in order to do this well as it can benefit them.

Make a Nativity Scene

As you worship, you can do a nativity scene where you can purchase a stable with figurines of Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Three Kings. This is a good way for you to educate the children as you tell the story of Jesus’ birth. . During the story, tell  your children to move the figurines around the manger as you progress throughout the story. Once done, give thanks to the birth of Jesus Christ by praying (you can make your own prayer at this point).


Signing is one of the most soothing activities to do in Christmas. It’s already a well-known tradition to sing during Christmas ever since then. It’s also a known fact that singing is a form of worship too. You can sing various Christmas Carols, as well as some Christian songs about Christmas, and sing along with the kids as you worship and give praise to the birth of Jesus.

Gift Giving

Christmas day is also the right time to give thanks to the people who love you, and to also give them gifts that came from your heart. Educate your children about the importance of gifts for them to choose the right item to give to their peers, and to you as a parent. Surely you will be surprised about what your child might pull out as a gift, especially if they already know how to do surprises – kids are great in making simple efforts heartwarming. As for you: be sure to prepare a gift that they like.


Cooking is one of the hobbies by many parents and children during Christmas. There are lots of pastry recipes and sweets that you can try with your child during Christmas Eve, and you can also be as creative as you want. If you have good baking skills already, then ask your kid to help you out while you teach them the procedures – it can give them knowledge that they can use well someday.

Decorating the House

Decorating the house before Christmas Eve is one of the best ways for your child to feel more excited about the season. As you decorate, they’re thinking that their gifts are coming soon, as well as the delicious food that you will prepare. With that mindset, they will surely help you out if you ask them to do so. If you really want them to cooperate, give them extra treats once you start celebrating Christmas, but tell them it’s a surprise first.

Story Telling with the Family

As said earlier, we need our child to enjoy the season with the whole family, and staying in the living room to tell some stories is the best moment after the worship and mealtime. You can look at some of your own baby pictures while you show it to the children, you can tell stories about your younger days, you can ask them what they learned throughout the year since the New Year is also coming, and many more! This builds up relationships with your children as they get to know you more, and at the same time gives them more comfort towards you.

Once the Yuletide season comes, rest assured that your children will have a lot of fun in Christmas because just like Jesus, they were able to be with their beloved parents. Christmas also has a great impact for parents like you, but in a very good way because it makes you feel the spirit of togetherness as a family that you started, especially on a very blessed day.

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