How to Celebrate Valentine’s with Your Kid

Valentine's Day


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we always think about couples spending some quality time together. Streets will be littered with lovebirds walking side by side as they stare into each other’s eyes. Girls have grins plastered all over their faces as they bring teddy bears, flowers, or anything that their men have prepared for this special day. Basically, this is the perfect time of the year to get sappy and spread the love.

We have grown in a society wherein Valentine’s Day is just dedicated to all those people who have a partner who they can share it with. However, this day is not only limited to sweethearts. In life, we are constantly surrounded everyday with people who care for us in many ways than one. That’s why celebrating Valentine’s Day with your colleagues, classmates, friends, and even with your own family is completely normal.

As a family, celebrating special holidays as a unit is a must. It gives you an opportunity to bond with your partner together with your kids especially during the holidays.

Hence, why not include Valentine’s Day as part of your family ritual? Make it extra special by spoiling your kids with your love. Not only will this be an interesting way of celebrating Heart’s Day but this will also pave a way in creating more fun memories with your children.

Here are some fun ways on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids:


Kids love sweets. Hence, you can never go wrong when you plan a day dedicated in making desserts with a Valentine’s Day theme. For those strict parents out there who follow a rigid nutritional plan for their children, this should be the perfect day to take a break from those healthy goodies. There are many Valentine’s Day treat ideas for kids that you can choose from. It’s about time that you should give in to these sweet temptations, don’t you think?


Get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day by decorating your homes with hearty trinkets. Unleash your child’s creative self by trying some easy Valentine’s Day decorations. This should be a fun way to bond with your kids over some crafty projects. Just keep an eye on your kids as they get their hands on some sharp objects and as you go along with your decors.


Teach your kids to show appreciation for everyone that has been a part of their lives. Help them in making homemade Valentine’s cards that they can give away to their teachers, friends, sitters, or practically anyone they know. Afterall, Valentine’s day is not limited to your household only. Let them know how important it is to be always thankful to everyone. Not only will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a good heart, but you are also teaching your kids a valuable lesson that will last a lifetime.

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Who says couples only get to have all the fun during this day? You don’t even have to go the cinema just to enjoy a fun movie night together. Save a couple of bucks and let your kids invade your bedroom as you watch their favourite Disney movies together. Share some good laugh together as you embrace how it feels like to be a child at heart on this day.


If your kids are more into reading, then switch that movie for a good book. Just go to your nearest bookstore and ask for their top sellers when it comes to children’s books. This should enable your kids to tap their imagination and let it go wild with beautiful fantasies about love and happy ever after.


Kids these days are no stranger to the different gadgets available in the market. Tag along and play some fun Valentine’s Day games that are suitable for kids and even for the kids at heart.


End the day by taking a photo of your Valentine’s Day experience that will permanently capture the fun that you have with your beloved kids. Nothing beats than browsing some old photo albums while reminiscing precious memories. This will surely bring a smile on your face as you flip through those pages.

At the end of the day, spreading the love is not only meant for Valentine’s Day. Make it a daily habit and constantly remind your loved ones how much they mean to you.

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