List of Healthy Foods Your Baby Should Eat



Those small little feet and hands! In their cute innocence lies your entire world. Parents can cross any mile for their children’s happiness and are concerned about their healthy well-being at all the stages of life. To maintain their children’s healthy life, a mother has to take care of their intake even while they are pregnant.

Mother’s’ milk is the best food for the newborn. Gradually as they grow, solids are to be incorporated in their diet. This is the time when they are introduced to the world of tastes and textures.  Here we have listed out some of the best healthy foods for your toddler of 6 months or more.

Whole grains, Barley, Brown rice, and Oats

Nothing can be as healthy as baby cereals made from whole grains, oats, and brown rice. You can mix these ingredients well with breastmilk or baby formula and make a fine paste much lively for your younger one.


Easy-to-peel and perfectly packed nature’s gift in the form of bananas are a great source of sustained energy for kids. No cooking is required, just mashing it up with water will give a good consistency and if you want it to be little creamy add it with few spoons of milk.

Sweet potatoes

The yum sweet potato mash is a great food as it contains beta-carotene good for healthy skin and protects your toddler from infections. It can be baked or steamed till it turns soft and then pureed. It tastes delicious and is surely a wonderful choice as a baby’s first food.


High in nutrition content and unsaturated fats good for baby’s brain and physical development– avocados are a must food for your baby. To start with, mash it with a fork and mix into a paste with other fruits and veggies or yogurt and make it a wonderful snack or meal for your child.

Dark leafy greens

Loaded with high amounts of iron, proteins and minerals; dark leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach are great food for babies. You can boil these leafy foods, mash it and add little sweet and water for a better taste.

Veggies like Broccoli and sprouts

Broccoli is a powerhouse as it’s packed with Vitamin-C, iron and various other nutrients. Broccoli can be served in puree form by steaming it and making a pulp which you can mix with little water (or milk for a creamy texture). You can add this with other sweet tasting veggies like sweet potato or squash. When your baby moves to finger foods, you can serve this crunchy broccoli by cutting it into tiny pieces.

Whole-milk Yogurt

The best way to introduce your child in probiotics is to serve them yogurt. Good for the immune system, yogurt is full of vitamins and minerals. This yogurt can be served plainly or mixed with mashed avocados or other fruits like bananas or apples.

Homemade soups

The perfect food for babies that retains its goodness and where you can show your creativity by using any of the combination of foods are homemade soups. You can make a soup of any preferred veggie like zucchini, spinach etc. and gradually add in oats, cereals, beans and other healthy options to it.

Fruits like apples and blueberries

Good for baby’s brains and eyes you can create a mix of these fruits by boiling, steaming or baking them till they get soft and then mashing it with little drops of water or milk. Once your baby starts getting used to solid foods reduce the amount of liquid in the mixture.


Rich in proteins and iron, meat can be introduced to babies if presented in proper form. It’s essential to tenderize it, cook and then puree it to make it digestible for your kids.



Start with 1 or 2 tablespoons of food once a day and then gradually increase the volume slowly. Don’t be prompted to add sugar or salt initially to their diet but just food in its pure form. This will let you analyze if your kid is allergic to certain types of food.

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