Motherhood Flaws to Avoid in Taking Care of the Baby

The joy that motherhood brings to every woman who carries her baby for 9 months is something that money can’t buy. The excitement that the soon-to-be parent brings in their hearts and minds is contagious as they patiently wait for the day when their baby will say “hello” to his new world.

Even before the baby was born, the new parents have already prepared all the things that their baby needs. Aside from the material things that the baby needs, they have also asked advice from their parents about nursing or taking care of a newborn baby. They want to give their baby the best of everything.


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The first few days or months will not be easy for the new parents because what they have learned from their parents about baby’s care is not 100% the same when they are already actually applying it to their baby. Everything that concerns about the baby’s reactions or movements like crying, spitting up or vomiting can already make them panic and worried.

As a new mom, you want to give your baby all the tender loving care to make her comfortable. It’s normal that you want to personally take care of your baby, to be with your baby all the time and to see to it that your baby will always be comfortable. However, because of wanting so much to give your baby only the best. You tried to do everything for your baby without being aware that you’re already over reacting or over protective. Instead of doing what’s right, you have already made a mistake that will not only affect your baby but your relationship with your husband. Some of these common mistakes that you should avoid doing are:

1. Baby Hogging

You want to hold your baby all the time that you already neglect doing other household chores like cooking and taking care of the needs of your husband. You give all your time to your baby without knowing that you have already forgotten that your husband also needs you. Give your husband a time to take care of your baby and to spend time with your baby. Let him help you take care of your baby.

2. Cryings

You don’t want your baby to cry for fear that your baby is not feeling well, is in pain, and is not comfortable. Because of this, you lift your baby immediately the moment he starts to cry. You should remember that crying is good for your baby. It is good for the lungs. The moment he cries, just give him time to cry, it is his way of expressing what he feels. Sometimes he cries because he wants you to carry him, to be close to you. He cries because his diaper is already full or he is already hungry.  However, if the crying continues, you must call your pediatrician because your baby must not be feeling well.

3. Personal hygiene

Because you spend most of your time with your baby and in doing the household chores, you already forgot to even comb your hair, to fix your nails and to make yourself presentable and beautiful for your husband. Just because you have to take care of your baby does not mean that you will no longer pamper your own self. Give yourself a break; spend precious time with your husband before he spends time with another woman.

4. Breastfeeding schedule

Waking up your baby to breastfeed him is not advisable. Your baby will cry when he is hungry; hence, there’s no need to wake him up when unnecessary. Remember, you and your baby have to sleep well, especially at night.

5. Confusing spitting up with vomiting

Your baby will spit up if he is full; hence, it is important to let your baby burp after feeding him. Vomiting could be a sign that your baby is not feeling well.

6. Oral care

Just because your baby has no teeth yet, you did not give attention to his oral care. Even without teeth, you have to wipe the gums of your baby before he sleeps. This will remove milk residue in your baby’s mouth.


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Mother’s knows best; hence, you have to trust your motherly instincts. You know what’s best for your baby because you’re always with him. However, it would also be good if you solicit advice about baby’s care from other people.

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