Top Crafts You Can Try With your Kid

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Crafts come in a lot of forms: there are some that can be edible, and there are some that’s made out of various materials that you didn’t expect to work. There are over hundreds of crafts that your kids can easily do once you educate them well about the procedures.

Here are some things you can try doing with your kids. Remember that you need to guide your child as they do these crafts for them to have a good start as they do these crafts.

Dyed Pasta Beads

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One of the classics in the book that even generations of parents did back when they were kids. Note that you need to be fast in dyeing the pasta in order to avoid sogginess, and be sure to follow these carefully:

  • Get the right materials needed: pasta, a freezer bag, alcohol or vinegar, and your desired food coloring.
  • Put the pasta into freezer bags depending on the colors that you will be using. You can also mix some colors if your kids want to experiment on it. Any color is fine.
  • Add vinegar/alcohol to each bag. Around a tablespoon is fine. Seal the bag and mix it using your hands as you gently rub and squeeze the bag in order to mix well.
  • Add food coloring once the alcohol mixes well, and mix it for a big.
  • Spread the pasta on a parchment paper or with a foil and leave it on the table overnight to dry up.

Once done, you can make various crafts such as accessories. Others even tend to use it as an addition to their artwork such as borders and more colors in collages.

Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolates are extremely delicious desserts indeed, and you can make small treats with your children by making a lollipop form out of it. Here are the following steps in making one:

  • The materials are as follows: chocolate chips, lollipop sticks, any food shaping utensil (or you can use candies that you can shape like candy canes), nuts and sprinkles (optional).
  • Melt the chocolate chips altogether in order to form a sauce, and place them in a container that can be squeezed to provide more consistency once the sauce is being shaped.
  • Position the sticks 2 cm away from each other in order to properly prepare the product.
  • Use the shaping apparatus above the lollipop sticks to form your desired shape. Start dripping the sauce.
  • Add up the nuts (must be ground( along with sprinkles. You can even use dark or white chocolate sauces to add up flavor.
  • Freeze or sit the lollipops until it hardens just like the chips, and place them in bags or serve it right away.

Food formed into an art is a craft, and it makes your children feel productive as they get to create a snack that the family and their friends will absolutely love, plus makes them feel more interested in cooking.

Soda Volcano

Once again, this is another classic in the list of many crafts that you can make. This provides your child a good insight about how chemistry works using various components, and they will also feel productive with this as they create an ‘active’ volcano using home products. Here are the very simple steps to make one:

  • The materials to use are: clay dough, jar, large cardboard, baking soda, detergent, vinegar, red or orange food coloring, warm water, flowers and plants (optional for decorative purposes).
  • Place the jar in a cardboard and glue it – the cardboard serves as the base, and it must be larger than the jar.
  • Use any color that you desire for the clay, and mold a volcano using the jar as your guide. Place some clay dough to the base of the volcano for you to add up your other aesthetics. Don’t cover the jar with clay.
  • Fill the jar with warm water and food coloring, followed by five drops of detergent, and 2 – 3 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Slowly pour some vinegar inside the bottle and wait as it reacts for an amazing eruption!

In science fairs nowadays, a well-designed volcano is more preferable to make. This is a very basic craft that’s not just all about designing for the sake of arts and crafts, but has a scientific aspect to it.

These crafts are the easiest to make, and you should start making some with your children. Surely, they will look for more new crafts to make in the long run, and that’s a good way to make them boost their imagination – something that we need to make better ideas in the future.

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